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The Top Wedding Flowers for Spring 2014–Suggestions on Choosing the Right Flower for a Spring Wedding Motif

Choosing the right motif for a spring wedding also entails picking the perfect flower to suit such a special event. With the top wedding colours of the next season already out, here are the best flower selections for Spring 2014.


Selected as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014, the blend of purple and pink hues found in orchids will surely surge in popularity and style this coming spring. Aside from its mix of colours, British lifestyle channel Home is also recommending orchid flowers as it represent rare beauty. “Orchids have a reputation for being a challenge to look after. They are tropical plants, and it’s hard to replicate those conditions at home,” M&S flower consultant Simon Richards also noted in an interview with The Guardian. Among the recommended orchid varieties for weddings are dendrobiums, lady slippers, and mokaras.

? Radiant Orchid Wedding Idea

Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Radiant Orchid Wedding Bouquet for Spring Wedding 2014

Radiant Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Orchid Wedding Centerpieces

photo credit: Pantone; The George Street Photo; Brovado Weddings

Pink roses

As in Winter 2013-2014, blush wedding dresses would remain a preferred motif for spring weddings. This means that pink roses are going to be among the most hip flower choices in March. Roses in general have long been used as a metaphor for beauty, passion and genuine love. While solid colours (most notable the red ones) are previously the most popular choice for roses, the pink varieties are set to differentiate the spring wedding season from the Valentines period. Pink roses are available all year round, with English and climbing rose varieties being the top choices.

Pink Roses Wedding Bouquet

Pink Roses Wedding Centerpieces

Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet

Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet

Romantic Rose Wedding Bouquet

photo credit: SMS Photography; Stacy Able Photography; Marks&Spencer

Tulips and calla lilies

Yellow themes are also going to define wedding fashion for the upcoming spring. As a perfect complement, yellow varieties of tulips and calla lilies are recommended for this year’s spring weddings. Tulips and calla lilies denote two distinct meanings in the language of flowers: tulips signify consuming love and happy years, while calla lilies symbolize magnificent beauty. With the two flowers’ association to the spring season, yellow tulips and calla lilies will surely adorn wedding events as bouquets and floral arrangements in the next 2 months. The Appledoorn’s Elite and the Hamilton are the top varieties for yellow tulips, while the Acapulco Gold is the best choice for yellow calla lilies.

Yellow Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Yellow Tulip Bridal Bouquet

Yellow Tulip Bouquet

Yellow Calla Lily Wedding Flowers

Yellow Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquets

Yellow Calla Lilies Bridal Bouquet

Yellow Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquet

photo credit: Jillian Tree Photography; Pinterest; Marks & Spencer; Weddings in the Philippines; Reg Campbell W & E

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The Oscars 2014–Trends that Ruled on the Red Carpet & How to Wear Them

One of our favourite events of the year, where designers get to showcase some of the juiciest trends around and wow us with their design innovation and creative talents. Here are some of our favourites and what styles will be around for the coming season, how to wear them and forgive us of we do get excited about Julia Roberts vintage black lace dress. I do believe we made a similar custom made gown a few months back!

The Simple Elegant Look

This year we saw designers dress their ladies in simple yet elegant and stylish dresses and with the right hairstyling and accessories they looked stunning. Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams really showed us how to work midnight blue and once again Jennifer Lawrence stunned us all in an altogether more sophisticated design and colour choice this year. Make sure you check out some of our simple bandeau styles for this season; simply choose the colour that works with your skin tone and hair colour.

Sandra Bullock Strapless Blue Dress Oscars 2014

Amy Adams Navy Blue Dress Oscars 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Red Dress Oscar 2014

How to Wear?

Sandra Bullock in Blue Dress Oscar 2014

Jennifer Lawrence in Red Oscar 2014

The Deep V Neck

A design that can sometimes work against you, but get it right like these ladies and you’ll look fab! The trick to the deep V-neck is not to show too much flesh, so it’s much better on flatter chests. I know you would usually associate a V-neck with larger busts, but due to the extra lengthy cut it means less is more. Take Lupita Nyong’o’s breathtaking pleated gown as your source of inspiration.

Lupita Nyong'o V-neck Dress Oscar 2014


A trend that we predicted to see a whole lot more of, pastels was still was very much at the forefront but with a slight twist. Designers have taken pastel one step further by introducing some muted metallic and let’s just say that Celebrities truly emersed themselves in opulent white and muted pastel shades, most popular been light pink, white and champagne. Lupita Nyong’o, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Kate Hudson, Portia de Rossi and Angelina Jolie were just a few of the stars that ruled in muted pastel.

Cate Blanchett Elegant Dress Oscar 2014

Portia de Rossi Paster Dress Oscar 2014


That’s right we saw a whole lot of sparkle this year and the ladies who chose this trend truly dazzled us away. A great look for bridesmaids and other formal events this year. Make the most of full-length shapes and frills like Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Garner Metallic Dress Oscars 2014

Long Trains

Charlize Theron stunned everyone with in her breathtaking Christian Dior gown, not only did she play the deep V neck card but she also homed in on the traditional long train trend that we love to see for such a formal event. So brides wishing to sport a cathedral train this year; good news they are bang on trend.

Charlize Theron Black Dress Oscars 2014


Proving that black can still be on trend a whole host of celebs wowed in black and made the most of other trendy features such as Olivia Wilde’s bandeau dress and Julia Roberts who always looks spectacular making the most of beautiful Chantilly lace and a peplum design. For Bridesmaids and other formal events please check out some of our recent custom made designs that offer you a similar shape and style to Julia Roberts stylish full length gown.

Anne Hathaway Oscars 2014

Julia Roberts Oscars 2014

How to Wear?

Anne Hathaway Black Dress Oscar 2014

Julia Roberts Black Lace Dress Oscar 2014

photos credit: Popsugar

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The Biggest Wedding Trend for 2014 – The Jumpsuit

This season sees a trend that we honestly never thought would make its way into the world of weddings, however designers have once again surprised us with the ubber casual jumpsuit as this years must have. We too were slightly critical at first but upon closer inspection we have to admit that jumpsuits do get the thumbs up and these are a few reasons why!

Rivini Fall 2014 wedding dress Collection

The Back Details

One of the details we love love loved is the attention to the back design; designers have carefully studied about what kind of statement they want their jumpsuit to say. With extravagant and original ideas ranging from sexy revealing open backs with long pretty ties to elegant formal lace backs.

Tea Length Wedding Jumpsuit

temperley wedding dresses 2014 2015 iris nepheli bridal jumpsuit

victoria kyriakides wedding dresses fall 2014 marlene-ds bridal jumpsuit illusion back long sleeves

The Waistline

Because of a jumpsuits length and shape accessories added onto the waistline will really set the look off and not appear too OTT! Consider glitzy belts and gorgeous sparkling diamante brooches.

victoria kyriakides wedding dresses fall 2014 marlene-ds bridal jumpsuit illusion long sleeves

Valentino white lace jumpsuit

Seasons Will

It doesn’t matter what season you are set to wed in, jumpsuits make a great choice due to their loose fit and scope of design features. Cover up with full-length sleeves in winter or wear cropped culotte’s in summer to feel cool and relaxed in.

Rivini Fall Winter 2014 Bridal Collection Jumpsuit

Viktor Rolf Wedding Collection bridal jumpsuits

pant suit wedding dress

The Price

It’s simple, jumpsuits are a lot less complicated to make and don’t need as many fabrics and accessories as your average wedding dress would. Sure you can add little extras and make the style more complicated but we’re certain that the price will not compare.

J Crew Lace Wedding Jumpsuit 2014

photo credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/

It’s Disadvantages

Sure no style is going to be perfect and instead of selling you on the idea of a style that just isn’t for you, we’d rather give you a list of potential problems to consider:

  1. The Fit: Jumpsuits tend to suit taller women, so if you have small legs, then consider a pretty short or knee length dress otherwise a jumpsuit may drown you.
  2. Practicality: There’s no other way to put this other than consider when you may need to go to the ladies! Should you suffer from a weak bladder, think again!
  3. Tradition: If you’re looking to get a wow from everyone then think again. Some people simply won’t be able to accept modern trends. While others will admire your courage and uniqueness others will frown upon such a style for your big day!

If you too would like to be part of the biggest trend for 2014 and cannot afford designer prices, then speak to one of our consultants and we will help you design the perfect outfit without the hefty price tag.

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Hot Summer Wedding Ideas for 2014

Were starting to get a wee bit excited about summer this year, the nights are finally drawing out again and it’s actually light when we step out of the door in the morning! But despite longer days we’re also excited about the new seasons with lots of new trends and ideas to share with you guys. There’s some really inspiring trends out there this year that won’t break the bank nor scare away guests, nope these ideas are certain to get you smiling.

summer wedding ideas 2014

Print Delight

Bold stripes and florals are key to getting it right this year, forget bold abstract shapes like chevron we are ready to see something new and trellis florals will definitely do the trick.

weddiing decortaions with trellis florals

wedding trellis lighting

photo credits: Jose Villa Photography via SMP; Thuss Farrell; Kristyn Hogan via Southern Weddings; Jamie D Photograhy via Wedding Chicks; Pinterest

Work the Peony

According to Pantone radiant orchid is the colour of the year and although we’re not denying that, we think it would be a nice idea to introduce the colour more subtly into your wedding such as adding actual peonies into your bouquet or table decorations.

peony wedding decortations

vintage peony wedding ideas

photo credits: We Heart Photography via SMP; Natalie Shelton via Green Wedding Shoes

Pink is Back

Forget all the negative associations with pink; pink really is set to be big for 2014. We are talking pale and soft blush pinks rather than anything fluorescent. Consider the colour that you plan to team up with pink, consider ivory and gold as two fabulous choices.

blush pink wedding ideas

blush pink and gold wedding dress

blush pink and glod wedding decoration

photo credits: Pinterest; Ashley Kelemen via Wedding Sparrow; Ryan Ray via Wedding Chicks; Alders Photography via Ruffled Blog; Olya Vysotskaya Photography via SMP; Pinterest

Petite Free hand Illustrations

Yes this years invitations have shrunk in size with quirky hand drawn illustrations to wow. Both ideas are a new trend for the year and they don’t need to be used together, but one of these new, unique ideas will certainly grab the attention of expectant guests.

hand illustration wedding invitations

illustrated wedding invitation

photo credits: Green Wedding Shoes

Do a Brunch Reception

If guests will be arriving to your reception early, then why not offer a hearty and mouth watering brunch? It will certainly set everyone up for the tiring day ahead especially the wedding party.

summer wedding reception

photo credits: KT Merry via Southern Weddings


Carefully consider a good choice of lighting for the evening, whatever season you wed in there will be a need for lighting at some point in the day and we think its worth investing in. If you get the lighting right it means that you can cut costs in other areas, such as table decorations.

summer wedding lighting

photo credits: vestidadenoiva; The Bride’s Cafe

Fancy Linens

This year table linens have made a dramatic comeback bouncing back into the spotlight with gorgeous textures that will get guests senses working overtime. They look fab and also mean less table decorations will be needed.

fancy wedding table cloth

photo credit: Wed Society

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our top trends for 2014? Are they good ideas or not grabbing your attention? Are you already using one of these trends in your wedding?

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Hot Spots, Freckles and Polka Dot Trends for Wedding 2014

Subtle Shades of Mint and Ivory

We all know that mint is a popular colour choice this year and to go the extra mile why not try a hint of ivory and some sneaky dots or try a slice of fuchsia pink and peach. We think subtle polka dots will look elegant and creative for a spring or summer wedding so it’s worth a try for brides looking for a new style this year.

Top Tips: Remember to just keep it simple and fresh like adding some handmade spots onto the inside envelopes to match the bridesmaids pretty, short chiffon dresses.

spots and dots wedding-mint

mint polka dots wedding idea

mint polka dots wedding invitation

polka dots wedding sign

polka dots wedding cake

Sugar Sweet Pretty Pink Spots

Think sweet sugary pink shades teamed with a dash of fuchsia pink, ivory and gold. Keep it simple and ensure the ratio of soft pink and ivory spots is higher than the other colours. This style will work well for any season of the year and we promise grooms will love the effects too, just ensure that pink doesn’t dominate the look.

Top Tips: Keep the dots random for maximum effect!

dots and spots wedding -pink

pink polka dots wedding ideas

pink polka dots wedding invitation

Traditional Black, White and Gold!?

We cannot get enough of the formal and very traditional black and white polka dots, but to freshen the trend up for 2014, we have added in mustard yellow to help liven things up. Make sure you use the mustard colour in small doses as a simple highlight and attempt to play around with patterns and background colours; i.e.: white on black and black on white. Change the scale of the dots and consider the spacing between the spots.

Top Tips: Go for non-conventional spots with some informal scribbles.

dots and spots wedding black and white

black and white polka dots wedding decoration

polka dots flower girls dresses

polka dots wedding decor-black and white

photo credit: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8

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Pretty Pastel Tones Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring/Summer Wedding 2014

Nothing says “spring or summer” on your wedding day, better than pretty pastel tones, especially when dressed elegantly on your bridesmaids. Think lilac, peach, mint, ivory, nude, champagne and pewter to name just a few; these soft and sweet shades are definitely top picks for outdoor weddings this year, so don’t be afraid to jump on board.

pastel colors short bridesmaid dresses

Luckily for Spring/ Summer brides, pastel tones have the ability to compliment almost every single style and silhouette making it easy to choose a dress for each of your individual and potentially picky maids.

Make sure you dress each style up with elegant accessories, make-up and hairstyles to ensure you complete the final look. For a run down of our top styles please click here.

pastel bridesmaid dresses

elegant pastel bridesmaid dresses

pink long bridesmaid dresses

blush pink bridesmaid dresses short

pale yellow bridesmaid dresses

halter lilac bridesmaid dress

short pastel bridesmaid dresses

light champagne bridesmaid dresses

blue long bridesmaid dress

one shoulder pastel bridesmaid dresses

photo credits:Trent Bailey Photography via Bridal Musings; Matthew Morgan Photography via Wedding Chicks; Mademoiselle Fiona; Half Orange Photography via SMP; Karie Denny via SMP; Benjamin and Elise;?DVW0030; DVW0178

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{Handmade Tales} Pretty Short Purple Lace Bridesmaid Dress

We’re pretty excited to finally introduce our handmade bridesmaid dress, a gorgeous purple shade and an illusion neckline; this short lace bridesmaid dress DVW0019 features every popular detail and trend for the season ahead. We love its simplicity and the fact that it is Pantone’s colour of the year: Orchid!

So here’s a quick Blue Peter episode of how we rustled up this pretty little dress and what dress making techniques our designers used to make this style.

custom made purple lace dress with lace details

lace sleeves on purple bridesmaid dress

pleating details on bridesmaid dress

purple bridesmaid dress sewing details

bridesmaid dress handtailor details

pruple bridesmaid dress with lace sleeve details

bridesmaid dress lace neckline and bodice details

bridesmaid dress back lace details

Here is the final look!

purple lace short bridesmaid dress DVW0019

purple lace short bridesmaid dress DVW0019

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Top 10 Wedding Colors For Spring 2014

We can now finally reveal this years top ten wedding colours for Spring 2014 according to The Perfect Palette. Compared to the Pantone colours we have previously named we feel these colours are perfect and more suitable for the world of weddings.

top 10 wedding color trends ideas for spring 2014

Mint & Blush

Everyone witnessed the popularity of this dazzling duo last season. Mint and blush was seen everywhere. And yes this year we are set to see the same twosome. Just make sure the colours are more washed out rather than dominating brights. If you need more inspiration on mint and blush colours please read on here for past posts (mint weddings and blush pink weddings).

mint and pink wedding ideas

mint and blush wedding idea

photo credit: mint and pink//mint cake

Rose Gold and Glittery Gold

It is not a surprise that rose gold will increase in popularity this season. Elegant and sparkling, no colour will work as well as these two. Again keep these two colours fairly muted and don’t be afraid to use one colour more than the other.

rose gold wedding decor

gold wedding dress

glittery gold wedding decoration

photo credit: rose gold//glittery gold


More vibrant than pink and less glaring than red, coral happens to be a fab colour for spring and is extremely flattering on just about every skin tone. Pretty and bright this colour also works well with so many other colour should you wish to add a little something to the palette.

coral wedding idea

photo credit: bridesmaid dresses//wedding decor


Chosen by Pantone as Colour of the Year, Orchid grabs the attention of both the fashion and wedding world. Used in a wedding the colour can really dominate the room and why not choose to add some actual pink orchids to add a touch of class and give your reception the ultimate wow factor.

orchid beach wedding ceremony

orchid wedding decoration

orchid purple wedding table setting

orchid wedding table deor

photo credit: orchid wedding

Dusty Blue and Cerulean

This year’s new take on blue, these two shades speak volumes of both elegance and class. Dusty blue will look amazing teamed with ivory and cerulean blue with a hint of bright fuchsia pink.

dusty blue wedding theme

cerulean wedding ideas

photo credit: dusty blue wedding//cerulean table decor//cerulean dress

Grayed Jade

Another shade of green and a wise choice if you happen to be tired of mint. Try ivory, coral and orchid to compliment this colour and get maximum effects. Succulent bouquets and favours will also give you a great combination of natural grayed jade.

grayed jade wedding ideas

photo credit: dress//wedding decor

Pale Yellow

Traditionally yellow is often used for autumnal weddings but why not try a pale pastel shade for spring, think Easter and soft pale tones that really get us feeling sunny and happy. Mix the colour with natural outdoor colours like fresh green and white.

pale yellow wedding theme

photo credit: wedding bouquets//bridesmaid dresses

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Cute Little Flower Girls Dresses Sparkle Your Wedding 2014

A sure way to steal everyone’s hearts is the younger guests at the venue, such as cute little flower girls and a pageboy whom is as cute as a button. This season we want to focus on those gorgeous flower girl gowns that are actually as good as the bridal dress itself. There is no shortage of puffy tulle skirts, feathery ruffles, flowers, bows, lace up backs, and other adorable design features.

Puffy Skirts

Over the top puffball skirts are a lovely design feature and can be made in numerous fabrics like tulle with chiffon and satin overlays.

cute flower girls and bride

puffy tulle flower girl dresses

puffy tulle flower girl dress

puffy tulle flower girls dresses

photo credit: 1//2//3//4

A Vintage Style

1920’s light cotton gowns with pretty ruffles are beautiful examples of vintage styling.

vintage flower girl dress style

vitage white flower girl dresses

vintage flower girl dresses

photo credit: 1//2//3

Pastel Colors

Like your bridesmaids don’t forget to dress your flower girls in a dress that is right on trend. Pastel colours are the way forward this season and can be used in a wide range of fabrics like chiffon, satin and tulle.

pretty pink flower girl dresses and bride

pink flower girl dresses

blue and purple flower girl dress

pink and pale green flower girl dresses

photo credit: 1//2//3//4

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Bohemian Style Wedding Trends for 2014

In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives, so when used in a wedding it gives a refreshing approach on a traditional venue, one which is both inspiring and simply beautiful.

There are so many different approaches to Bohemian style from the wedding dress itself, to the maids, invitations, decor and even the choice of transport used. There are so many avenues a bride can explore for her big day, so with so many options we decided it would be useful to select some of the most creative and popular styles and how best to use them.

The Bride

When it comes to the bride there are so many styles one can choose, so it’s better to have something that you feel both comfortable and confident in. Lace, chiffon and broderie anglaise are all pretty and elegant choices for a boho chic look. The bride should also consider suitable accessories like floral headwear, opulent jewellery and soft delicate make-up to match the look.

graceful lace boho wedding dress for wedding 2014

pretty lace boho wedding dress for sweet wedding

backless lace bohemian wedding dress

charming bohemian wedding dress for dream wedding 2014

romantic bohemian wedding dress and brideesmaid gowns

Bo and Luca dreamy long boho wedding dress

vintage lace layered wedding dresses with sleeves DBW021

photo credit: long dress//backless dress//DBW009//Do and Luca dress//DBW021

The Bridesmaids

Make sure you besties look the part in boho dresses and accessories. Choose an unpredictable colour or even style them head to toe in pretty floral gowns. Make sure they dress in a style that suits them and have them mis-matching so that you have a laid-back casual look.

sweet white boho bridesmaid dresses

mismatched bohemian bridesmaid dresses

white bohemian bridesmaid dresses

pretty bohemian bridesmaid dresses

photo credit: short dress//long dress//white long dress//DVW0100//mismatched dress

The Decor

Choose a look that is either formal or casual so long as its uncoordinated with random bits and pieces from dinnerware to the seating. Don’t be afraid to go overboard and completely fill the tables with random candles, frames and cushions.

bohemian wedding table decors

bohemina wedding flowers

boho wedding decorations

photo credit: flowers//sign


When it comes to accessories more is definitely key! Pick gorgeous floral headwear, necklaces and vintage bracelets, like the decor, nothing needs to particularly co-ordinate, just choose select pieces that really say you!

boho bridal flower crown

bohemian bridal hairstyle

bohemian bride footwear

photo credit: flower crown//footwear

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All that Glitters – Making Your Wedding Day Sparkle

What better season than Christmas and the New Year to sparkle like a true princess! It’s the only time of the year when one can truly get away with wearing a crazy amount of glitter. That been said the only other time we feel an excessive amount of glitter is warranted is in-fact a wedding. There are so many ways to use glitter and it’s is entirely dependent on the individual regarding how much they wish to use from full head to toe wear to just a peep of the shiny decor. So to help you decide the best way to shine…read on!

Another important factor is getting the colour right. Try to stick to one or two complimentary colours to avoid going overboard with the look. For 2014 we expect to see silly amounts of gold, silver, pink, white and gold, and some blue and aqua shades.


On it’s own it simply looks fabulous; consider using gold sparkly heels, fancy invitations and even markings on the floor to guide guests to your wedding reception.

gold wedding ideas

gold wedding shoes

gold wedding invitation

amazing gold wedding invitation

gold wedding directional

photo credit: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7

White & Gold

If you want to water down the look then introduce some white into the look. We love pretty candles, classy invitations and a fancy gold cake topper to finish off a stark white cream cake.

white and gold wedding ideas

photo credit: Bloved Weddings


Think light pale pinks on their own or with a little hint of gold to really set the scene. You can do this through pink champagne with gold sparkly tipped flutes or mouth-watering macaroons with sprinkles of gold.

pink and gold wedding ideas

pink and gold wedding invitation

pink and gold wedding cake

photo credit: pinterest//100layercake//pinterest


A classic colour that will never fade away; peep toe heels and sparkly invitations will look stunning in a dab of silver.

silver wedding hairpieces

silver wedding decorations

silver wedding table decorations

photo credit: corrine smith//thesweetestoccasion

Aqua & Blue

For something a little different why not try a hint of blue or aqua to brighten up your big day. Make-up, heels and invitations will all look beautiful and classy in colourful glitter.

blue sequined wedding shoes

aqua sequined dress for wedding

pink and aqua wedding bouquet

photo credit: ruffledblog//stylemepretty

We hope this has helped to brighten your day and we are certain that some glitter will enhance the look for your big day. If you wish to order something glitzy for your big day, please just get in touch and we can discuss how to make your dress sparkle.

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Key Color for Bridesmaid Dresses 2014–Coral

This season we simply cannot get enough of the colour coral, not only does it look great on any shape or style of bridesmaid, but also it’s a great colour to use in the decoration of your venue. Coral can easily be used in any season, you just have to consider the complimentary colour to ensure it looks appropriate to the chosen month, or even use various shades of coral to create a gorgeous tonal ombre look.

jim hjelm occasions bridesmaid chiffon a-line coral bridesmaid dress

photo credit: Jim Hjelm

Use coral in small doses or go the whole hog and go coral crazy, we think it looks great with white, pink and pewter and even a groom and his groomsmen can get away with a small amount of coral on their boutonnieres.

coral and red wedding ideas

Coral Wedding Ideas

photo credit: 100layercake//Green Wedding Shoes

The greatest pat of coral is it’s easy to win over your ladies, coral actually suits pretty much every skin tone and hair colour, so if you’re finding it hard to please every bridesmaid then coral could be the way forward, it is seen to be a more casual colour but we believe it can be dressed up formally too.

long coral a-line bridesmaid dresses 2014

long coral chiffon bridesmaid dresses

photo credit: amandadorain//Southern Weddings//Pinterest//DVW0136

long strapless coral bridesmaid dress 2014

pretty short V-neck coral bridesmaid dresses

photo credit: bendthelightblog//paulaohara//ashelygillett//DVW0177

short one shoulder coral bridesmaid dresses

short strapless coral bridesmaid dresses

photo credit: SMP//100layercake//DVW0066//weddingchicks//magnoliarouge//DVW0042

Our design team have carefully researched this years trends and have designed a collection of stunning coral dresses using one shoulder designs in delicate chiffon and short strapless designs perfect for beach or garden wedding receptions.

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