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The Ultimate Golden Wedding Venue – Gold Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories & Decor

Spandau Ballet said it best! Gold! We love it and simply cannot get enough of it especially around this time of year. It just speaks glam and glitz on a level that no other colour will do. When using gold in wedding you just need to ensure that you team it with the right colours to give it full effect. We love warm wedding colors, like cream, coral and blush pink best! They simply look amazing when teamed together.

gold wedding invitation ideas 2014

So what time of year is best for using gold? The answer to that is any time, it works well during any season but it does depend on what other color you choose to combine it with. So here is our run down of everything gold and our guide to using such a sparkly shade.

wedding rings for gold wedding


Accessories are the best way to include gold, if you want a subtle hint of sparkle then it is best done through those amazing peep toe heels and stunning vintage hair accessories. Think sequins beads and other mediums to make sure you get the most of your sparkle it will add depth to the colour and really stand out from the crowd.

gold wedding shoes and hair accessories

Gold Wedding Dresses & Groom Suits

Not only do we love maids all lined up in gold bridesmaid dresses or sequins golden dresses but we also love to see the bride head to toe in the warm soothing colour. It looks amazing in lace and chiffon, but try to avoid satin as it may look too cheap, satin is however a great way to bring in a sash.

gold wedding dress and groom suit

wedding trends 2014 gold bridesmaid dresses sequins golden bridesmaid dresses long 2014

gold wedding dresses and black groom suit

Don’t forget to include the groomsmen in there too, there are some gorgeous boutonnieres that will look fab and link the whole theme nicely together.

sparkle gold wedding bouquet

Gold Decor

This can be done through gorgeous sequined table runners and gold leaf candlesticks and other table wear. Or perhaps you can leave it just to the gold wedding invitations and wedding cake? Just make sure you don’t over-do it and make the most of your complimentary colour whether it be cream or coral. Here are some amazing ideas for you to choose from.

gold weddign decorations 2014~2015

sparkles gold wedding invitations

gold bouquet wedding table ideas

gold leaf flower for wedding decor gold wedding cakes ideas

photo credits:love my dress/the wedding note book/bride side/buzz feed/brides of?adelaide/rebecca arthurs blog/wedding chicks

Give us a shout if you love, like or hate gold, we’d love to hear all your thoughts and ideas on this seasonal colour.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Marisel -

    November 18, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Where did the wedding invites come from? I’d love to know the maker/where I can buy them for my sister’s wedding!

  2. Shona -

    November 23, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Where are these invitations from??

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