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Top 10 Wedding Colors For Spring 2014

We can now finally reveal this years top ten wedding colours for Spring 2014 according to The Perfect Palette. Compared to the Pantone colours we have previously named we feel these colours are perfect and more suitable for the world of weddings.

top 10 wedding color trends ideas for spring 2014

Mint & Blush

Everyone witnessed the popularity of this dazzling duo last season. Mint and blush was seen everywhere. And yes this year we are set to see the same twosome. Just make sure the colours are more washed out rather than dominating brights. If you need more inspiration on mint and blush colours please read on here for past posts (mint weddings and blush pink weddings).

mint and pink wedding ideas

mint and blush wedding idea

photo credit: mint and pink//mint cake

Rose Gold and Glittery Gold

It is not a surprise that rose gold will increase in popularity this season. Elegant and sparkling, no colour will work as well as these two. Again keep these two colours fairly muted and don’t be afraid to use one colour more than the other.

rose gold wedding decor

gold wedding dress

glittery gold wedding decoration

photo credit: rose gold//glittery gold


More vibrant than pink and less glaring than red, coral happens to be a fab colour for spring and is extremely flattering on just about every skin tone. Pretty and bright this colour also works well with so many other colour should you wish to add a little something to the palette.

coral wedding idea

photo credit: bridesmaid dresses//wedding decor


Chosen by Pantone as Colour of the Year, Orchid grabs the attention of both the fashion and wedding world. Used in a wedding the colour can really dominate the room and why not choose to add some actual pink orchids to add a touch of class and give your reception the ultimate wow factor.

orchid beach wedding ceremony

orchid wedding decoration

orchid purple wedding table setting

orchid wedding table deor

photo credit: orchid wedding

Dusty Blue and Cerulean

This year’s new take on blue, these two shades speak volumes of both elegance and class. Dusty blue will look amazing teamed with ivory and cerulean blue with a hint of bright fuchsia pink.

dusty blue wedding theme

cerulean wedding ideas

photo credit: dusty blue wedding//cerulean table decor//cerulean dress

Grayed Jade

Another shade of green and a wise choice if you happen to be tired of mint. Try ivory, coral and orchid to compliment this colour and get maximum effects. Succulent bouquets and favours will also give you a great combination of natural grayed jade.

grayed jade wedding ideas

photo credit: dress//wedding decor

Pale Yellow

Traditionally yellow is often used for autumnal weddings but why not try a pale pastel shade for spring, think Easter and soft pale tones that really get us feeling sunny and happy. Mix the colour with natural outdoor colours like fresh green and white.

pale yellow wedding theme

photo credit: wedding bouquets//bridesmaid dresses

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