Most traditional couples will want to follow the many wedding traditions. But this doesn’t mean you cannot break them. And sometimes, it is more fun if you bend them or break the traditions a little bit. The fact is that, some of these traditions do feel a bit awkward. You can always toss them aside if you want to.

The Bill

wedding traditions

Take for instance the bill. Many couples are now paying the bill themselves, while traditionally, the parents used to take this responsibility. It is not necessary for the bride’s parents to pay the bill if they cannot or the groom’s family to make all the payments for the rehearsal dinner. Couples wanting more control are footing the bill themselves instead, especially with older couples and those who are doing better in their professions.

Let your parents take control if they are traditional people. Do not complain, because after all, wedding can be expensive. But you too can always chip in, perhaps a portion of the total bill, may be. But remember, finance is always a touchy matter.

Bouquet Toss

wedding bouquet toss

Traditionally, bouquets are thrown to single ladies, which is completely avoidable if you don’t want to do it. And frankly, the singles don’t really like to be pointed out. Plus, your guests don’t really want to stop dancing for this tradition. This old tradition is dated, and not really fun anymore.

This is true for the garter retrieval as well. A groom does not have to stick his head up the gown of the bride. It can be too personal actually. The only people who will like this are the drunken groomsmen. The others will prefer if the garter is retrieved privately at the honeymoon suite of the couple instead of the reception hall in front of everyone.

Seating List

wedding seating

Traditionally, guests of the groom sit on one side, and the guests of the bride on the other. Once again, an old tradition. You don’t have to compel people to sit at particular spaces when they really want to sit beside fun people. Also, the bride may not feel nice if she sees her side only has 15 people, whereas there are more than 100 on the groom’s area. It won’t be a nice feeling. So why not encourage the guests to mingle. They will appreciate if they can sit wherever they want.

Plus-One Invitation

wedding plus one invitation

According to the old rule, there has to be a plus-one on the invitation when you invite someone over 18 years of age. Don’t do this. You don’t have to invite someone you may not even know. Your cousin, who is 21, may not even be dating seriously, so why give her the option of bringing just about anybody to the wedding?

On the other hand, your cousin, who is 16, could be dating the same girl for the last couple of years. That relationship is obviously more serious.

Traditions change over time, but sadly, that hasn’t happened too much with weddings. But now, many couples are bucking quite a few of the age-old traditions.