Brides in the summer and spring often get the maximum attention. Those getting married need not feel bad about this. There are plenty of ways to create a dreamy winter wedding as well. Hot chocolate bars, cinnamon scented rooms, candle decorations, snowy kisses… you will always many ideas to pick from.

The great thing about winter weddings is that, you will probably spend less on the venue because they usually charge less compared to the summer and spring time. You can also save money with the décor and flowers. That’s because, you can always go for alternatives like greenery and branches that may look as good, if not better on the tables. Yes, indeed, there are advantages of getting married in the winter.

winter wedding

Here are some winter wedding ideas you can pick from.

Winter Accessories

Here’s something essential before we go into the ideas. Winter is the cold season, so make sure that you stay warm. Accessorize adequately. A veil, faux fur stole, a chic cardigan, cape are good options. You can also wear a long sleeve wedding gown.

Below The Dress

winter wedding dresses

It’s also a good idea to wear thick tights below the wedding dress in cold season. Nobody will know as long as you are wearing a long dress. That’s true for your bridesmaid’s dresses as well.

Remember The Bridesmaids

Do not forget your bridesmaids. They will also feel the chill. Make sure that your bridesmaids are adequately covered up on the big day.

Winter Wedding Colors

winter wedding color

Gold, black, burgundy, and warm tones of berry red are all good colors this season. So think of decorating with them. Add natural greenery for extra romance. You can even have a little bit of tartan.

Wintry Wedding Favors

Choose the right wedding favors for the season. There are pashminas, blankets, candy canes, cookies, mulled wine spices… there are plenty of options. You will never go out of choices.

Pinecone Place Setting

Want a classic adornment for the winter? Go for frosty pinecones. Just scatter them as you please and you will be able to add the perfect seasonal touch. Plus, this is a cost effective décor idea too.

Cotton Ball Bouquet

cotton ball bouquet

The texture and look of natural cotton looks beautiful in a wedding in the winter. You can have them in your centerpieces, wraths, and bouquets.

White Gloves

Why not wear white gloves instead of satin? You can be sure that the cozy knit will look very good in an outdoor ceremony.

Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate bar

Another good and fun idea will be toasting with hot chocolate. Your guests will love it if you have a hot chocolate bar.


Hang ornaments in the reception or ceremony space. Ornamental decorations will look very good. You can also have them as escort cards or wedding favors.

One Single Venue

Think of whether you can have the ceremony and the reception at the same venue, or at places that are close to each other. Transport will be easier if there is bad weather.