There are very few things more exciting in a wedding than the cake. It has to be gorgeous in its looks and taste when the time comes for the cake to come out. If you ask me, the cake has to look so pretty that you will think whether to eat it or just look at it. The color, design, and the filling… everything just has to be perfect. Naturally, planning for the wedding cake is very important for most couples.

wedding cakes

Over the years, we have certainly seen many fantastic and fun wedding cakes. This year is also not going to be any different. In fact, thanks to the creativity all around, it might turn out to be one of the best years.

Wedding cake trends, however, do change over time, like so many other things. Here are some of my favorite trends. I am sure you are going to love them too.

The Updated Rustic Look

rustic wedding cake

Rustic wedding cakes do look wonderful. But now, I am seeing a modern approach when it comes to patterns and designs. The arrangement is more structured and there is also less piling of the flowers. Naked cakes are moving towards, what’s being called now the ‘semi naked’. In this, you will only see glimpses of the cake through the frosting.

Interactive Desserts

A station by the fireside where guests will be able to toast whatever they have over small fires! This is a favorite always. There are also doughnut towers, which always look good on the firewall brunch or the desert table.

Fruit Fillings

fruit wedding cake

Seasonal and local flavors will always be a good choice. For instance, you can have berries during the summer; plums, pears and peaches if it is the late summer; apples and pumpkin in the fall; citrus for the cold season; and rhubarb and cherries during the spring season and also in the early summer. These fruits can be made as curds or jams, and it will be always fresh in the right season. As a modern trend, I am also seeing tropical fillings of rum and coconut, which makes the cakes more fun during the party.

Geological Elements

Geodes and marbleized fondant are both big trends now. You can make a huge statement with geodes or it can also be a small detail. You will be able to include the wedding colors in a very thoughtful way. Marbleization can be natural and even color mixes where you have metallic detailing.


wedding cake decor

These last few years, we have been seeing a lot of glittery gold. But now I am seeing this trend move towards mixed metals – there is brass, bronze, silver, and rose gold. Leafing and hand painted accents are both popular.

Budget-Conscious Accents

You can always use custom wedding cake toppers that are available online. They are priced reasonably and are fun. Silver and gold leaf will cost money, but these trends do look good, so may be, spending a little money will be worth it.