Wedding is one of the most important days, so every single detail is important. The wedding ring, dress, music, food, gifts, decorations, venue, and the destination too! After all, saying the vows in a great location will certainly make it even more special. And there are so many great places to choose from – European capitals, lush forests, sandy beaches, and more. Here are some of the most unique wedding destinations according to me. Check them out.

Las Vegas

wedding in las vegas

The ‘sin city’ is a top destination for weddings, and it’s been like this for many years. There are many luxurious wedding venues to choose from in Vegas. Wedding parties here will always be memorable. Plus, you can be sure that there will be plenty of entertainment options for your guests as well. After the wedding, the two of you can even go out to the Grand Canyon, the Death Valley National Park, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, or the Hoover Dam.


wedding in rome

Paris is kind of a cliché. So let me suggest an alternative that is no less romantic – Rome. The Eternal City is the capital of culture in Europe. It is the city of architectural masterpieces and art. A wedding in the Italian capital will be classy, elegant, and romantic. It is usually the high-point in anyone’s life. Once again, there will be many locations to choose from.


vietnam beaches

This country in the Indo-China will be an exotic choice. Select from romantic beach weddings, which are becoming very popular, to traditional-style Vietnamese villas or stilt houses, to lush forests. The villa or stilt houses will give you privacy, while the beaches will give you a stunning backdrop. You can select an urban setting too by selecting a restaurant in Hanoi or a rooftop.


wedding in maldives

South-West of India, Maldives is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Spread across many atolls and islands on the sea, you can select almost any place you like. Almost all of them offer a stunning location with the beach, coral reefs, turquoise water, great food, and a romantic and laid back lifestyle and ambiance. You can be sure that the photos will wow everyone.


wedding in iceland

At the other end of Maldives. In Iceland, you will find geysers, volcanoes, cold beaches, but above everything else, there is a certain mystical tone about this country. Giving those vows will feel like some sort of a spiritual initiation. Even the Icelandic countryside can be a good choice. Many couples and now selecting Iceland making the country a new popular destination.

The Patagonia Coast


The lower sections of Chile and Argentina make up the Patagonia Coast. It is a stunning landscape of snow covered mountains, history, and plenty of wildlife like whales, penguins, and birds. You will love its rugged natural beauty. Patagonia can also be a great choice, even though it doesn’t come to the mind automatically. If you are a nature lover, and want to select an alternative destination, then this could be the perfect choice for you.