The wedding gown, is often, the most expensive piece of clothing for most women. But it’s a dress we wear just once. However, having said this, the gown stands for timeless elegance, and never quite loses its value. They are very expensive too. Many brides will thus preserve their wedding gowns instead of putting it at the back of a dusty closet or packing it away in an old box. Do preserve the gown if it’s not too late already. Here are some reasons why you must preserve your wedding gown.

For Removing Stains

removing stains from wedding gown

It’s possible that you may not have gotten away without a stain or a spill. It could be the lipstick of your grandma or the makeup of your bridesmaids who is a bit shorter. You might have stains from hugs as well. Someone could have spilled red wine on the dance floor, and the train might have caught it.

Stains and marks on wedding gowns are not that uncommon. Don’t worry. These stains can be lightened, treated, and often completely removed. Professional restoration services will be able to treat even the toughest stains. Your gown will look like brand new.

To Restore Its Original Beauty

wedding gown

Time destroys everything. Your gown won’t look as beautiful as it used to be. But with restoration, your gown can once again be in its full glory. A yellowed gown will be pure white again. So bring out your sentimental gown, delicate, old, and one that looks destroyed. Restoration artists can reverse the signs of aging.

Sentimental Reasons

vintage wedding dress

The wedding gown has a huge sentimental value. This is the main reason why so many brides want it restored. With restoration, you will be able to preserve it, and once again have it in prime condition, showing it off to your kids one day, perhaps even pass it on to your daughter, and may be even your granddaughter.

Yes, your daughter may not want the gown. But she will still feel sentimental knowing that her mom got married in it. And by the time of your granddaughter’s marriage, it will have become a vintage material. Wearing a vintage gown of your grandmother can be priceless to her – you never know. Whatever it is, you will feel good that you could preserve it in pristine condition and hand it over.

Modern Technology Allows Restoration

wedding gown restoration

There can be no guarantee that it will be restored, especially if the damage is considerable. But thanks to modern technology, you now have a better chance than before. Even a wet gown after a flood or one covered in soot after a fire can be restored. With careful work, a professional restoration service will give it their best shot. Lipstick, deodorant stains, red wine, and others are easier to mend.

Hearts don’t have to break anymore because the wedding gown is damaged beyond repair. Now you have a second chance.