Wedding of a daughter is a major event. The mother of the bride will be at the center of attention, and naturally, she has to look and be at her best. Are you sure about the fashion style you will be wearing, or the makeup? The fact is, many mother of the brides are not sure about this. They have to look their best, dress correctly for the age, and pick a style that is right for the occasion and get noticed. Then there is also the issue of dressing right for the venue, whether it’s a beach, church, a modern or a vintage wedding. Yes, there is a lot to consider.

mother of the bride

Mother of the Bride Dresses

This summer, the trending dresses include floor length skirts, A-Line skirts, strap dresses, and fitted bodices. You will also find many wearing three quarter length boleros. So it’s a good idea to add some length to your outfit.

mother of the bride outfit

The colors that are doing well are lavender purple, dusky blues, and coral pinks – note that they are all subtle tones. The best fabrics for the season include duchess satins and lace. Add embellishments around your waist and shoulders to improve the figure. Also trending are feathers and florals, so it’s a good idea to experiment with outfits where there are these additions. You can also add a hat as an accessory.

The Right Accessories

You need to accessorize correctly as well, and this summer, the clutch bag is likely to rule. In fact, this is a popular accessory that looks good with different outfits and for different events because they are so versatile.

Clutch bags are small and add a touch of glamour. But they are still big enough so that you will be able to keep all the essentials you need. It’s a great accessory to have. I suggest you carry a traditional glitter clutch that will match the outfit you will wear.

mother of the bride dress

Always wear simple jewelry with this outfit. It is should be adequate to make you stand out without overdoing the earrings and necklace, as this will be counter-productive for the elegance of your gown. Silver jewelry is going to be a good option for this summer. Gold is best avoided, but minimal gold is good because it is simpler. You can wear a small gold chain necklace.

Wearing a hat is also good. But what hat should you wear? To me, this is all about personal choice. But to stay trendy, I recommend you try fascinators and pillbox. They are both very fashionable. You will also find them in many styles, sizes, embellishments, and colors. You are sure to find a hat to match your outfit.


mother of the bride footwear

Slip on shoes and small heels are both popular now. For best results, match your shoe with the bag. Your outfit is going to look very good when you match them well. Add-ons like bows and buckles that are decorated with gems look great.