Weddings have traditionally always been very serious affairs. But in recent years, we have seen many couples loosen it up a bit. Weddings have come out of churches. The food, decoration, venue selection, invitations… couples are deciding to do away with formalities and customs, at least by a little bit. Many fun elements are being included. Wedding planners are going the distance to make it more casual and a personal experience, reflecting the preferences of the couple. You will see this in the wedding dress choices as well, both for men and the women.

Semi-formal dresses can also be appropriate and versatile for the wedding, and they are even sometimes better than the all-formal dress. But if you are thinking of wearing a semi-formal dress, then you have to consider different factors. Luckily, there are good options for specific types of weddings and events.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Take a look at these –

Cocktail Dresses

cocktail dress

The cocktail code can be a smart semi-formal dress for the wedding. For the winter months, you can choose between tweed and wool suites. And for the summer, select from the linen or cotton fabric. If you are getting married in the night, then make sure to select a darker color. For the daytime, however, it is best to stay with lighter shades like cream or white.

Semi-Formal Dress For A Beach Wedding

beach wedding dress

A beach wedding gives the couple a very relaxed feeling. Wear a relaxed dress for the occasion. Choose a lighter color, such as beige, khaki, or buff, which you can pair with a lightweight dress shirt. Crisp white is the default.

Tapered Pants

tapered pant outfit

Choose the modern look instead of the traditional, by wearing a tapered pant. You can wear a blue suit with this. You will be making a statement and will look good too. To make your outfit more fashionable and semi-formal, why not wear brown leather with it?

Patterned Suits For A Fall Wedding

patterned suit

If you are getting married in the fall, then go for a wool patterned suit. The material will be warm and durable. A classic color with an elaborative pattern will make you look gorgeous as a semi-formal groom.

Charcoal Grey

charcoal grey suit

Looking for an alternative to the black suit? Why not select a charcoal suit? This is always a good color for the wedding. Charcoal looks best with your white shirt and tie. Show off the semi-formal look by wearing a formal shirt with your suit.

Semi Formal Suspenders

suspender wedding attire

Even a suspender dress can look very good on you. There can be many good color combinations, but my personal favorite is this – guys can wear a white dress shirt with their blue fabric suspenders. These colors will go very well together, giving you a perfect semi-formal dress.

Yes, there are conventions, but in reality, there are no specific rules about how you should dress for your wedding. So you can always break some traditions and opt for your own preferences. This is your own big day, after all.