Finding a size that fits well for regular clothes is not always easy as we all know. But if you are getting married soon, then of course, it’s even more important that you can find the right size for the wedding dress. It’s all the more difficult if you are thinking of getting the dress online. However, with some tricks, you should be able to find a good wedding dress size that is a right fit for your body. Get hold of a cloth tape measurer (it always helps to have one), and you are all set to start off.

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But before getting started, you will need to know where you will have to measure. The areas to measure are your bust, waist, and hips.


The bra you should be wearing need to be unpadded, and it should measure across your bust’s fullest part. Remember, you cannot use the bra size equivalent.

To measure – Lift the arms. Now, wrap the tape around the fullest portion of your bust. The place where the tape is overlapping is the right measurement for you.

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Natural Waist

This will be your waist’s slimmest part, which is located about an inch up from the belly button.

To measure – Take the measuring tape and wrap it around the natural waist. It should be a couple of inches above the belly button at the most.


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Stand while keeping your hips together. Now take the tape and measure across the fullest part of your bum and hips. It should be around 9 inches below your natural waist. There are some who will call this your low hips. If the dress maker asks you about the measurement of your ‘high hip’, then this would refer to the top portion of your hip bones.

Do make sure that you measure at the fullest place of your thighs and bottom. Also remember, any one size may not line up with the largest measurement.

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After you have done the measurements, you may be surprised to find out that the wedding dress is running small. This means that, while you are 8 for other clothes, there will be a few wedding dress designers who will categorize you in 12 instead. Also, there will be dress designers, who may consider the dress a plus size if the size you have is between 12 and 16. So it’s not that uncommon that many would be brides end up frustrated when they are trying to find out the right size.

One final tip – If you find that you are between sizes, then make sure to always order up. Remember this always, irrespective of whether you are thinking of ordering the wedding dress at the store or online. That’s because, often, you will have to alter the dress so that it is a precise fit. It is always best to have a dress in than out.