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Halloween Inspired Wedding Invitations for Autumn Weddings

As the approaching of October, I believe everyone is busy in preparing his or her Halloween costume. Well, some people will be busier if they have Halloween weddings. Actually I become interested in everything about Halloween weddings since I have written a post about spooky Halloween weddings. And now what interests me most is Halloween wedding invitations.

Pumpkins are indispensable in Halloween, so it is not surprise to see some pumpkin-decorated wedding invitations. I just love these cute pumpkins invitations, which are perfect for some vintage or classic Halloween weddings. Yet if your wedding seems to be whimsical and spooky, you may choose some black ones, just as the following ones.

pumpkin wedding invitation

Gold Pumpkin Halloween Wedding Invitation

Halloween Wedding Invitations with Pumpkins

Homemade Halloween Wedding Invitations

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Black and yellow are basic colors for Halloween wedding invitations. Actually most brides love to choose black as the main color of wedding invitations because it is the right color of Halloween. Raven and skull invitations are also popular styles. Maybe you can choose that if you want your wedding a little more Halloween. They are really many Halloween themes, like Gothic and Vampire themes. Just choose one that be related to your wedding!

Halloween Black Wedding Invitations

White Halloween Wedding Invitation

Black Halloween Invitation

Black Halloween Wedding Invitation

Green and Black Halloween Wedding Invitation

Halloween Wedding Invitations

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Some invitations can be made to look like books!

Halloween Wedding Invitations like books

Black and Yellow Halloween Invitations

Gothic Halloween Wedding Invitation

photo credit: socialbliss//hinkenhook

Tell me more about your ideas about Halloween wedding invitations!

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